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Trish Phillips Profile Picture
Kimberly B

Trish Phillips

Executive Director/CEO

Trish Phillips became a Living Kidney Donor after witnessing her best friend’s two-year battle with kidney disease and dependency on dialysis treatment.  

Since her donation on December 15, 2016, at Tampa General Hospital, Trish passionately informs and educates others that it is possible to live a healthy lifestyle with just one kidney. She encourages others to sign up as living and deceased organ donors, thereby becoming someone else’s miracle.  READ MORE......


Kimberly Bennett

Board Treasurer

Kimberly Bennett, a Living Donor Kidney Transplant Recipient. I’m married with beautiful intelligent two daughters. I’m the Business Office Manager for a large Assisted Living Facility. I server on the board for Multicultural Miracle Donor Foundation. In my past time I love to baking, travel, and listening to jazz music.

Shirley Scott Brill


Board Secretary

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Tanisha McCall

Board Member at Large

As a young girl, Tanisha watched her mother suffer from the side effects of dialysis. Dialysis left her mother weak, unable to work, and she was declared disabled. Tanisha’s mom spent many days in the hospital due to shunt complications. In 1997, Tanisha’s mom received a kidney transplant. She watched her mom go from being declared disabled to someone who is thriving and looking foward to retiring in 2023.

Because Tanisha knew first hand the effects of dialysis and the life-transforming power of organ donation. She did not hesitate when the opportunity presented itself to become a living kidney donor for her friend. Tanisha became a living kidney donor on May 18th, 2021. Tanisha hopes her experience and story will inspire others to join the community of organ donors.

True to her nature of service, Tanisha has built a life and career around service. A native of Miami, she has served South Florida’s youth and young adults for over ten years. Throughout her tenure as a non-profit youth professional, she has served as a teacher, advisor consultant, and, most importantly, mentor. Tanisha worked as instructional staff for Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Broward County Public Schools, College and Career Specialist, Program Manager, and a non-profit consultant for various community-based organizations in the Liberty City Community. Tanisha’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Administration from Barry University and a certificate in Transformational Life Coaching. Currently, she works as a Career Advisor at Nova Southeastern University (NSU).

When Tanisha is not working, she enjoys good food, the arts, and all things that sparkle. For Tanisha, there is no greater joy on earth than service to others.


Alice Siete Nevel

Board Member

Bio coming soon

Loraine Gardner

Development Director

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